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Kim Lewis

Welcome to Late Talker Academy

Straight forward lessons and brilliant language activities to make you feel empowered and competent.

About Me

Feeling overwhelmed with your child's language delay (and worried that they'll struggle to make friends)? You're not alone. Let's tackle this together.

Late talker expert, Kim Lewis M.Ed., CCC-SLP, takes you through all the tips and tricks she uses to get little ones saying their first words. You'll use daily routines and fun play activities to get the job done!

Kim is a pediatric speech therapist with over 25 years of experience working with children under 5 years old and their families. A "child magnet," she shows parents exactly how to get their child talking at home and how to set up play activities you'll both enjoy!

Why You Should Join Us

Find a community of judgment free caregivers who aren't afraid to be honest and vulnerable. No one-upping or comparison of skills here.

Simple yet fun activities that boost your child's language skills.

Celebrate your child's wins without worrying about developmental timelines.

Reclaim the vision you had of joyful parenting and enjoying the moment.

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